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About Go Clock

Welcome to Go Clock, the website for clocks. Our range comes from the three of biggest clock suppliers in the world - Karlsson, Nextime and Roger Lascelles who offer a huge range of modern and contemporary clocks.

Our only focus is to offer our customers a great product at a great price and deliver it with a professional service. We've had more than 7 years experience in selling online and throughout have maintained an exceptional record for fantastic customer service and even better products.

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Wall Clocks

A wall clock can be the ideal finishing touch to any room or can be a fantastic way to brighten up any room. The clock can act as a focal point for the room and they come in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and materials.

At Go Clock, some of our brands include Karlsson, Roger Lascelles and Nextime. These are worldwide known brands who create both traditional and modern clocks.


Karlsson are a world know Dutch company which is part of the Present Time family, specialising in the sale of clocks around the world. The Karlsson brand is one which is synonymous with stunning and innovative designs, aesthetically pleasing, high quality clocks.

Karlsson joined the Present Time family in 1999 and has not looked back since. Their designs are internationally renowned and use worldwide known designers who work closely with their own creative team.

The Karlsson collection is updated twice a year and can be split into different categories. The classic range of Karlsson clocks use clean, crisp colours such as silver, white and black to lend themselves perfectly to any home, office or work space. Alongside the classic range is the contemporary side of Karlsson, influenced by modern and experimental interiors, accessorising any room beautifully with vibrant designs and colours.

Karlsson's timeless collection includes clocks which have durable, timeless designs and their charm will last a lifetime. These designs and the materials which they are made from are not swayed by current trends, ensuring these clocks stay part of the collection for years to come.

The Time of Your Life collection is all about adding fun and contemporary styling to the home or the office. The clocks are inspired by distinct shapes and bold colours, occasionally adding a sense of humour to your room or workspace.

The Karlsson Works collection is the pinnacle of the Karlsson collection, remarkable in design and technical features. These clocks contain unique designs, not to be missed.

Roger Lascelles

It's been over 21 years since Roger Lascelles came up with an idea to incorporate time old trends with a modern twist in the form of his stunning clocks. These classic pieces take inspiration from yesteryear, with the design team capturing the essence of past periods such as Art Deco, Victorian classics and 50s retro, giving these stunning clocks an authentic feel.

Roger Lascelles are the U.K's largest clock manufacturer, proud to employ home grown talent and skills, creating products that remain sought after throughout the world.

Back in the mid-80s, Roger was an antiques dealer who specialised in clocks, most of which were exported to the US and never likely to return. This prompted Roger to start photographing gorgeous clock designs on grandfather clocks, printing them and adding quartz movement to sell in his London antiques shop.

People were enjoying the look of Roger's clocks, and, with his family, Roger set up a small workshop where he could dedicate more time to creating these beautiful clocks. Over 20 years later, Roger Lascelles are based in North London with a team of designers and assemblers, producing over 100,000 clocks each year.

They are constantly innovating to keep in line with current trends, with all of the artwork on the clocks Roger Lascelles' own creation, with most of the hands individually aged and stained to suit the faces of the clocks. Quality brass hands are used on some of the clocks, all made here in the UK, setting Roger Lascelles apart from other manufacturers.


Nextime are a Dutch design company who specialise in the creation of modern, stunning clocks. Established in 1970, Nextime have over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing clocks, selling in more than 50 countries around the world, making Nextime the world's leading clock company.

Their ideology is that clocks are more than just time telling devices, combining a combination of quality, value and stunning style. Their belief continually drives the Nextime designers to create inspirational, unique clocks with both a contemporary and traditional feel. They offer innovative themes, making clocks to be proud of.

In 1970, Hans and Hannie Frie established the company, Alma, in which during that time the clock industry was highlighted by beautiful hand-made mechanical clocks. Alma was acknowledged to be among the best in the world with her collection of typically Dutch mechanical clocks. The outstanding craftsmanship and strong designs of Alma's mechanical clocks and of its exclusive brand "Christiaan Huygens" soon received international recognition. This small, family-owned Dutch company was soon selling clocks around the globe, including Japan and U.S.A.

When Alain joined the family business he started at the bottom, literally speaking. He worked on the production floor, which was located downstairs from the main office. He learned every aspect of making a clock. As he was going through all the aspects of his parent's clock making business he realized that the clocks industry was rapidly developing and shifting focus from the traditional mechanical clocks to strong contemporary clock designs. It was the beginning of the transformation from Alma into the company, as we know it today, Nextime.

From the start of Nextime we worked with designers who brought creativity to the collection of clocks that have made a signature mark on the company it has evolved into today: glass clocks like "Spinning Time" and "Test Page" and everlasting designs like, "Plug Inn".

Now trading in more than 60 countries and our own offices spanning the globe, our design led clocks and our 40 years of manufacturing experience will continue to significantly contribute to the clock industry. Nextime fully embraces the latest technologies, the use of the internet and our company's responsibility to its environment with our "GreenTime Initiative": Nextime is committed to design and manufacture clocks that will guarantee "watching time pass" for another 40 years!